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In most cases, when you click on the links you will go directly to the page with the pictures. Make sure that you read any restriction notices. If you need a good source for commercial use, I suggest or're what I use. And hey...
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Animal Clip Art

  • Simply the largest and easiest to use clipart and image archive online. This is a subscription service that is a must-have for web designers and graphic artists. There are thousands upon thousands of animal clipart images, icons, and photos. The search engine makes it easy to find exactly what you need.
  • The Whole Internet Guide To Animal Clip Art: is our collection of samples from the sites below and lots of other great clipart, icons, and pictures.
  • Dog is a site devoted to nothing but dog clipart.
  • IconBazaar Animals; nearly 100 great icons of birds, bears, bugs, camels, lions, tigers and other cats, dogs, fish, frogs, a rabbit, lizards, a turtle, snakes, sheep, snails, and spiders.
  • The Clipart Warehouse; various animated animals.

Animated GIFs

Cartoon Clip Art

  • A subscription service, has amazing illustrated cartoons and drawings. These are not just the same old images that you'll find at most sites, but consists of royalty-free, high-resolution illustrations.
  • The Whole Internet Guide To Cartoon Clip Art: lots of cartoon icons and images, plus a guide to other cartoon image sites.
  • IconBazaar Cartoons; a site full of cartoon clip art icons.
  • Toon Clipart; original cartoon images by Ron Leishman

Computer & Office Clip Art

  • A subscription service, has an awesome selection of office-related clipart images, and photographs. The high resolution clipart images are royalty-free, and are perfect for use on web sites or in professional presentations.
  • The Whole Internet Guide To Computer Clip Art: our guide to related sites, featuring sample images from the various sites.

Flowers & Fruit Clip Art

Holiday Clip Art

  • A subscription service, has an amazing selection of original, royalty-free christmas clip art images for use on your business or personal web site or presentation. There are also clip art images and photos for all other major holidays as well.
  • very nice selection of images from all the main holidays.
  • The Whole Internet Guide To Holiday Clipart: our guide to related sites, featuring sample images from the various sites.


  • The Whole Internet Guide To Icons; our guide to related sites, featuring sample images from the various sites.
  • A subscription service, offers a nice selection of icons. The icon collection here is geared towards business computer, and office-related items. The icons are royalty-free for both commercial and non-commercial projects, so you can use them in your business projects and web pages.



  • Noetic Clipart; people, animals, office, camera, pinball machines, airplane, rocket, train, telephone, kites, lamp, microscope, television, TV remote control, volcano, chair, crab, lizard, spider, turkey, bat, cat, monkey, aligator, monster, dog, frog, slug, snake, dinosaur, elephant, lighthouse, dog house, pumpkin, santa claus, christmas tree, ghost, pirate, wizard, CD, castle, tree, clock...
  • Inki's Clip Art; fantastic original images covering a wide variety of topics such as cars, bowling, flowers, books, balloons, floppy disks, and lots more.

People Clip Art

  • Baby a site devoted to nothing but baby clipart.
  • RibbonRail; railroad related people...conductor, flagman, etc..
  • Jason's People Animation; some fun clip art... caveman, juggler, elf, elves, aliens, cops, cupid, demon, devil, eyes, women, men, Groucho, hula dancer, jogger, dancing genie from "I Dream of Jeanne", lips, computer hacker, scuba diver, runner, snorkeler, witch, cheerleader, stork with baby, dancing girls, chef, painter, doctor, photographer, fisherman, Frankenstein, and more.


  • Acclaim Stock Photography: A fabulous collection of professional quality photos available in high resolution or as web graphics.
  • fantastic, original pictures of animals, people, flowers, places, nature...
  • A subscription service, offers high resolution, royalty-free photographs that are easily searchable. This online archive is not only a great selection of photos from some of the top photographers in the world, but also a huge bargain.

Religious Clip Art

  • religious icon and image archive; an extensive and varied collection that includes general christian images as well as United Methodist images available as ZIP files.

Science-Related Clip Art

  • NASA Photo Gallery; a central site for accessing hundreds of thousands of pictures and data images from NASA. There are photos from the Hubble Space Telescope (HST), and other astronomy pictures, as well pictures from the space shuttle and various satellites. There are also pictures dealing wiith oceanography, as well as other earth sciences, and flight vehicles such as the space shuttle, and the International Space Station.

Science Fiction & Fantasy Clipart

Sports Clip Art

  • Sports Clipart; assorted sports themed clipart including soccer, baseball, football, tennis, bowling, gymnastics, golf and much more.


Travel: Maps, Flags, & Places Clip Art

Web Graphics

  • A subscription service, offers royalty free web graphics for use on your commercial or personal web pages, as well as a great selection of high resolution clip art and photographs.
  • The Whole Internet Guide To Web Graphics: our guide to related sites, featuring sample images from the various sites.
  • The Groan Zone; excellent sets that include everything you need to design a web page or site...just add content.
  • WWW buttons; useful buttons for creating links on your web pages.
  • small WWW buttons; a few small arrows and buttons.

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